It’s the 24th anniversary of my sister’s death. My mother and I don’t know what to say to each other.

Picture of Sister; a drawing I did when I was in kindergarten of what I thought she would look like.

I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately, but who hasn’t? With the COVID-19 death toll in America rising every day, it’s hard — practically impossible — not to be aware of it. Death is everywhere, and it always has been, but it didn’t need to be like this. Death is inevitable, but the massive loss of life in the past year wasn’t.

But this week, I’ve been thinking about death and its life-partner, grief, more than I normally do, because today, January 22nd, is the 24th anniversary of my sister’s death.

Her name was Luana, and she lived for…

It is 2013 and the holiday season is in full swing. There is a dead pig in the backyard. My mother, my aunt and my uncle are getting straight down to the business of hand-making sausages while I run around looking for a clothespin to plug my nose. The sausages will hang in the garage for the better part of the winter.

This is not the belly of a Romanian village. This is a California suburb.

My friends thought my family was insane.

Romanian sausages, as made by my family for the 2013 holiday season. (Photo by Laura Postolache)

But are Romanians really that crazy? And by extension, is Romanian food really that weird? Not according…

Anca Caliman moved from Timisoara, a city in the Transylvania region of Romania, to Burbank, Calif., with her family when she was 12 years old. Since then, life has taken her to Boston, New York, Washington D.C. and Ireland. Despite not having lived in Romania since her childhood, Romanian food has been part of her life from a young age, when she helped the women of her family cook by doing “starter” chores like separating the leaves to make sarmale.

Now, Caliman owns and operates Parsnip, a Romanian-inspired Los Angeles eatery that opened in 2017.

Located in Highland Park in…

“Does it spark joy?” Ever since Marie Kondo’s life motto went viral this year after the drop of her Netflix series, people have been using her philosophy to “clean up” multiple areas of their lives. Its original purpose referred to cleaning, and throwing away the objects in your home that did not bring you joy. But can we apply this philosophy to media clutter?

As a journalism student, being attached to every form of social media and over a dozen media organizations is a requirement. It drives me just a little bit crazy to hear day in and day out…

Los Angeles is a city with a homelessness problem. While not an uncommon problem for a metropolis, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the first increase in the United States homeless population since 2010 in a report early December 2017 with West Coast cities like Los Angeles driving the rise.

Female veterans are a small piece of this pie, making up 206 out of just over 2,500 veterans experiencing homelessness in the city of Los Angeles according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s 2017 Homeless Count.

Even though they are a minority in the military and in…

Diana Postolache

LA-based writer. Romanian American. USC ’20 grad. Aspiring foodie. Usually thinking about intergenerational trauma.

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